Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Coming Soon!

Yes! The third book in my most popular series is coming soon. Heart of Stone is now taking all my time. I know there are authors who can work on two and three projects at the same time. I am not one of them. As an author, I find that I must become totally immersed in the project currently on the works.

I am a very emotional person. I become the characters in my work. I find that I have to give up reading other books while writing because they interfere with and compete for that immersion.  When I'm writing, everything revolves around the unfolding story. Even while I sleep, my dreams often deal with some character or setting in the story.

Unlike other novelists, I do not write every day. I've heard advice from authors who encourage a writer to force-write on a daily basis. I tried doing that years ago, but found that anything I forced myself to do, had to be undone later. I learned to trust my own instincts. There are no rules that apply to every author other than the rules of good grammar. Writing is not my office job; it's my passion.

Once I start on a project, I spend months at it. It becomes my total focus for that time. I like to complete a chapter at a seating. I sit to work and don't stop until that chapter is done. My working months are usually September through mid December, and February through May. I prefer complete quiet while I work; for some reason, music or background noise do not work for me.  

To get me started, I read the chapter I finished last and make fresh changes. Then I get a feel for the next chapter and start with dialogue. Dialogue has a way of making a story move, and I find that it leads me where I need to go. Later, I go back and elaborate on characterization, sharpen up settings, etc. With Heart of Stone,  I am using an outline to guide me. I did this with Thicker Than Blood also, and I found that it helped me stay focused.

Now, back to Heart of Stone. It picks up a year after the battle that saw the death of Vadim and Irina. Of course, our antagonist, Toma, comes back meaner, with bigger plans than ever, and a never-ending thirst for revenge. This volume focuses on the side characters who've moved to the front of the story as the saga becomes wider in scope: Jonathan and Bianca, Devian and Ivanna, Luca and his brothers, and of course, Toma.

As usual, there will be lots of drama, action, and a sprinkling of erotic scenes. Anyone who has read any of my books knows that my erotic scenes are always explicit.  There are also some scenes that deal with taboo matters, but the society of vampires is not guided by human morals. Fiction is just that: fiction! If you want clean and soft, my books are not it.

When will Heart of Stone be out? I'm hoping that withing the next three months. Beta readers will see it in about two months. However, that is my hope, not my  promise. But I do think that when it's finally done, you'll love it.