Sunday, May 21, 2017

Now Available for Pre-Order!

Slated for release on July 10th, 2017, Thicker Than Blood, the 2nd installment of the Angel's Guardian series is now available for pre-order at the Amazon store.

Pre-Order it Here!


Maxim, heir to the vampire throne, is recalled home after a long, self-imposed exile. With his human mate, Angel, at his side, he hopes to settle matters quickly, and return as soon as possible to his idyllic life in New York City. But soon after their arrival, things go horribly wrong. Angel is taken by his enemy, one that will use her as a pawn and stop at nothing to destroy Maxim and wrest the vampire throne from him. Now, the vampire is in a race against time to rescue his beloved from an enemy who knows no bounds.

Angel is thrilled to accompany her beloved vampire to his homeland. She hopes the visit will help him come to terms with his family, and settle once and for all, the problems that plague them. Hours after they arrive, she discovers that the world she has entered is full of danger and intrigue. A trap is set, and she falls into the hands of Maxim's evil enemy. She watches in horror as she becomes the lure used to bring her lover to his death.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Focus on Daniel's Fork

A vicious killer lurks in the dark woods of Daniel’s Fork. Cunning and daring, driven by a powerful passion, he has killed with impunity for years. But now, a new adversary has come to town, and the hunt is on!

In a world without forensics, technology, or science, with only the help of the village “witch” and his trusted companions, William Evers, the new lord of Daniel’s Fork, matches wits with the serial killer that has plagued the village for years. Can he catch the killer and save the lovely Susanna from a fate worse than death?

Begin a journey to the future past, to a place 200 years in the future that mirrors the past. Daniel’s Fork is a novel like no other, part mystery, part romance, penned like a historical saga, reading like a cozy mystery, but set in the future. It’s main focus, however, are the characters.

You’ll fall in love with Setiyah, the quiet but fierce healer, with William Evers, the beautiful but cold-hearted leader, and with all the vividly crafted side characters. 

Journey to magic Daniel’s Fork: only Zeecé Lugo can take you there!            

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Little Taste!

As a rule, I do not offer full novels as Permafree. I also have stopped doing FREE and $0.99 Special Promos on my full novels. My most recent $0.99 offering was Strongheart's Woman, and it was the last. On Amazon, you make $0.35 on a $0.99 book. The promo sites and taxes take most of it. 

I have found that I'd rather sell one book at regular price to a reader who truly appreciates my writing enough to pay $3.99 for it than hand out 3,000 copies to people who collect thousands of freebies with no intention of ever reading them.

I also have stopped offering books in exchange for Mailing List sign-ups. If you honestly wish to be informed of new posts, promos, and new releases, you may join my Mailing List here or at my Homepage: Zeecé Lugo's Corner, with no freebie attached. 

The reader who pays for my book is many times more likely to enjoy my work, write a review, and become a true fan. Besides, my novels are not priced so highly that they can't be considered bargains. Compared to the $14.95 to $18.95 price of most recent traditional ebooks out there, mine are a steal.

That being said, I don't expect prospective new readers to dish out even $3.99 without an idea of what they're getting. In order that he or she will have a taste of my style, genre, and quality of work before spending cash, I do make available short story prequels to my work. 

These are available here at my blog and at my homepage. There are no strings attached, no email required, no Mailing List sign-up required. There are three titles available for FREE download.

"Edge of the World" is the short that introduces the series Daniel's Fork. It is approximately a one-hour short read. It contains scenes of violence and has sexual content not suitable for younger readers or adults who object to such content.

This story takes place in the future, many years after a pandemic has devastated the planet's population. It introduces the main characters that will once again appear in the novel Daniel's Fork. If you find that you like this story, then you will probably love the Daniel's Fork series which includes Strongheart's Woman, Daniel's Fork, and A Time for Love. There are three other novels planned for this series.

"Vampire, Not Monster" is also a FREE download with no strings attached. It is the prequel short read to the new, Angel's Guardian novel and new series. This is an urban fantasy, paranormal romance featuring the atypical vampire Maxim Denisov. This story is set in New York City and takes place in 1995, twenty years before Angel's Guardian. The next book in the series is titled Thicker Than Blood and will be published later this year.

The third short available as a FREE download is "Five Stories Up." This is a deliciously scary ghost story set in New York City in the 1960s. This story was first written for a Halloween anthology, and it is great reading for people of all ages. 

Feel free to download one or all of these. I hope that if you do, you'll take the time to read and enjoy them, maybe becoming a Zeecé Lugo fan!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Can't believe it!

One of my all-time favorite time travel romance series is the Out of Time series by Monique Martin. With the exception of the first book, I've paid full price for each of the novels because I love them so much, I can never wait for them to come on sale and they seldom do.

Imagine my surprise when I find that the first three novels are FREE right now! Well, I can only tell you to GRAB THEM NOW. Honestly, I think you'll love them.

Here is the Amazon link.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Journey to the Future Past!

Reviewed by Lex Allen for Readers' Favorite

Having read, reviewed, and loved The Edge of the World, I immediately followed it with Daniel's Fork: A Mystery set in the Daniel's Fork Universe. The story, the characters, and the talent of author Zeecé Lugo ensured that I would continue to immerse myself in this fabulously inventive series as soon as the next book arrived. That third book, Strongheart’s Woman, supplements a set of stories that are all part and parcel of a fantasy tale set in a future past. The saga of Daniel’s Fork is described, at least partially, as a dystopian story. The saga is certainly set in a future following an apocalyptic event — in this case a pandemic — but it is far from ‘a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.’ Instead, the future world has gone back to an American future where the great Choctaw and Creek Indian tribes have reestablished timeless traditions, and the ‘white’ man has reverted to a feudal system of government, reminiscent of the Middle Ages in Europe. This future world is anything but dystopian. The story combines fantasy, romance, and suspense genres with a sprinkling of alternative history to thoroughly delight all readers who enjoy any of these genres.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Angel's Guardian- A Vampire Romance Like No Other!

Love vampire romances? Don't miss out on the totally FREE short and prequel to the novel Angel's Guardian, "Vampire, Not Monster." 

You need not buy or sign up for anything. Just download it for FREE at the seller of your choice.

From the heights of New York City’s tenements, the vampire Maxim hunts for prey below. His quarry of choice: murderers, rapists, drug dealers, child molesters, the worst of the worst.

On a sultry summer night, he witnesses a senseless murder, and the chase is on for a cold, merciless killer. But as the hunt intensifies, Maxim finds so much more than he expected.

Download it for FREE  

HERE (Amazon)

or HERE (Kobo, Apple, Nook, Smashwords, and more)  

Read and liked "Vampire, Not Monster"? Read the full-length novel that  follows the short story. 


The vampire Maxim makes his home in New York City. Self-exiled from the vampire nation, he spends his days in quiet solitude and his nights prowling the heights and hunting evil, his prey of choice. On a cold, November night, he chances upon a gang rape in a desolate back alley. He leaps at the chance to feed on predators of the worst kind, his favorite prey. But the situation takes a turn he never expected, and soon he finds himself wishing he'd made a different choice on that fateful night.

Angelica has been on the run for years. Kidnapped by a sex-trafficking ring at the age of fourteen, she escaped only to be relentlessly pursued by her enemies ever since. Tonight, they found her. As she lies dying on a cold, dark alley, her only fear is for the secret she desperately hid moments before they caught her. A secret she must protect with her life from her enemies and from the monster that destroyed them and now turns red, fiery eyes upon her.

Get it at Amazon

Coming Soon! Book 2 of the Angel's Guardian Series. Join Max and Angel as they journey to Max's home and face their vampire enemies.

Soon to be available for pre-order on Amazon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

For Sci Fi Lovers!

FREE only until Feb.10th!

When runaway teenagers Don and Janet pull off the mountainside road for a few hours’ rest, they don’t expect to wake up 1000 years in the future.

There, Earth is a desert planet where nomadic tribes are little more than slaves to the Ganu, the powerful and dominant ruling tribe. Dangers lie at every turn, but Janet and Don are soon befriended by one of the tribes that roams the small zone not contaminated by radiation.

When Don is hailed as the mythical, prophesied savior of the small tribe, they must use all their cunning and resourcefulness to defeat a powerful, cruel enemy and save the lives of their new friends.

Hurry up and take advantage before the price goes back up. This is a delightful tale of Sci Fi adventure for readers of all ages! 

Sahara Foley is a friend of mine and a great author. This is your chance to try out her writing for FREE. If you like this novel, I have it on good authority that one of her best horror stories will be free soon, and I will tell you when, right here, in Names starting With "Z".

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ever Heard of Kodi?

In my Facebook group, the topic of favorite TV science fiction series came up. We are all authors in this group, but we are also avid viewers. Someone mentioned Firefly, one of my old faves, and the comments flowed in. 

I commented that one of my other favorites is Babylon 5, but that the DVDs never come on sale, and reruns are hard to find, if not impossible. 

A friend suggested I download Kodi with the addon Exodus. He said I could find any show or movie I wanted with it. I never heard of Kodi before. 

I use Roku with a Netflix account ($9.99 monthly) and an Amazon Prime account ($100 a year, averaging out at $8.33 a month.) My Amazon Prime pays for itself with free shipping. This means that I watch Amazon Prime movies and shows for virtually free. But neither of these services allows me to watch anything and everything.

There is also the option to rent or buy from other services. For example, Vudu has each of the five seasons of Babylon 5 priced at $39.99. Rounding off, that's $200 for the entire series. I would love to have it, but $200 is a little steep for me. I often buy DVDs of movies and shows I like because I like to own them, but I always buy them on sale.

Being curious, I look up Kodi on You Tube. I find many videos and tutorials on installing it. However, there are also other steps to go through as Kodi must have sources added. Then comes the addition of Exodus, Phoenix, and any other addon you want.

I asked the magic question: Is viewing through this system legal? Well, no one could answer the question. As an author, I cringe at the thought that scammers may be stealing and giving away my work without my consent. 

I know that we could well be causing the death of the entertainment industry by sucking away its revenue sources. I personally would stop publishing at once if my work was usurped in such a way. 

I think of how much is charged from a family today for one visit to the movies or one outing to see a baseball game or a concert, and the $3.99 I charge for one of my books does not compare. If the entertainment industry wants to stay on top, it needs to make itself affordable to the average viewer.

Anyway, I was highly curious about Kodi. I found my way to and clicked on Downloads. 

Note: I was working using my Kindle Fire 3rd gen. Off course, I had the Apps from Unknown Sources on my Kindle enabled. You should be able to use any tablet or smart phone you have.

On the page, after clicking on "Downloads," I scrolled down the page until I found all the different options: Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, Apple IOS and Mac. I chose Release build ARMv7a (32bit) for Android since the Kindle is an Android device.

I made sure to choose a directory on my Kindle I could find easily, and hit download. I took a few minutes for the download to finish. Then I clicked on the downloaded file on my Kindle, and I hit Install.

To my shock and surprise, the app installed with not a single hiccup, but it did not do anything when I opened it. I went back and did a little viewing of You Tube tutorials. The following was very helpful.  This tutorial is a little old, so you will be downloading Jarvis instead of Isengard.

Once Kodi was installed, I had to tell it where to find what it needs to work, or give it "repositories." I could try and tell you how, but the video tutorial is excellent at showing you. 

Once I had Kodi, its repositories, and addons installed, (Exodus, Phoenix are the addons you really need to watch movies,) I turned on my large screen TV and went to my Roku screen. I enabled screen mirroring. By the way, Smart TVs do not need a Roku attached. 

I took my Fire HDX, went to "Display & Sounds," and enabled Display Mirroring. My tablet searched and found my Roku. It connected seamlessly and the Kodi screen showed in beautiful, sharp color on my TV.

I clicked on "Video," then "Addons," then "Exodus." In seconds, the screen was populated with a list of movies. From there, I just explored! 

I rather like the addon "Phoenix." Within minutes I was watching Fantastic Beasts on my wide-screen TV. I was surprised at the ability of my Kindle Fire to stream without pause at a beautiful resolution and mirror to my large-screen TV. This in spite of the fact that my Internet connection is mediocre at best.

An interesting point I noticed is that the setup on my Windows computer works, but the picture is not sharp and there is constant buffering. My Kindle Fire connects on the same network and yet streams and mirrors perfectly. I intend to try with my smart phone next. Google play offers the Kodi App for Android also.

Now, to return to the topic of legality. I am sure that watching movies that just barely have been released such as Rogue 1 and Fantastic Beasts can not be legal, but there is an incredible amount of content to watch that is legal. Kodi seems to be a great App to have, and it is open source; this means that it's FREE! 

Thank you, CJ Rutherford for telling me about Kodi. CJ is the author of the Worlds of the Never fantasy series. Try him out for FREE.

Download Here

Have you read anything by Zeecé Lugo? Start with one of her short stories. Edge of the World is set in a dystopian Earth of the future. It's fast paced and dark, not suitable for younger readers. It's only $0.99 at all major sellers.

Click HERE to See
  Do not forget to check out the author's page at Zeece Lugo's Corner.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rebirth of the Short Read

How times change! By times, I really mean trends. Not two years ago, I emailed a well-known promotional site for eBooks and asked if it was possible to have my short story, Edge of the World, promoted.

The site owner’s reply was swift and to the point: he did not bother to promote shorts because no one wrote or read them any more. His opinion was based on his long-term experience in the business. He advised me to offer a full novel as a free download. It did not matter that I was willing to pay the same price as I’d pay to promote a full novel.

Fast forward to the present. Go into the Amazon site and click on Kindle Store. Scroll down on the left panel to Kindle Short Reads. In parenthesis, you will see the number 1,194,877.  That is the number of short reads being offered by Amazon at the moment.  That’s right. There are over a million shorts featured on Amazon!

Two years ago, the shorts on Amazon were mainly offered by self-published authors on non-fiction topics such as do-it-yourself soap making, organizing projects, cooking recipes, etc. I wrote my first fiction short with the idea that someone who might not be tempted to spend $3.99 on my full novel, would test the waters with a free or 99 cent story.

I have found many readers for my novels in such a way. My short story Edge of the World is an intro into my Daniel’s Fork series. My recent Vampire, Not Monster is the prequel to Angel’s Guardian. Readers who read these shorts, often become fans of the full-length novels. Others find my work not to their taste, and move on without having incurred the expense or the time investment.

It seems that since that “experienced promoter” gave me his take on shorts, the traditional authors have discovered the value of offering shorts as promotional tools. A quick scan of the Kindle Shorts menu shows that Amazon sorts them into groups by reading time and estimated by number of pages: 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour, 90 mins, and two hours or more. 

This is great because the reader might not want to invest three days on a book, but he or she might not care for a 15-minute read either. I personally like a two-hour read. If you want something to keep you busy on the commute train ride home from work, a shorter read might be your thing.

Now, go back and click on the “Two Hours or more” shorts (65-100 pages) and scroll down and over the next few pages. What do you notice? That’s right! Some of the top best-selling traditional authors are offering shorts. 

As I write this post, the #2 listing is J.K. Rowling (Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies). A few covers down is Catherine Coulter’s The Resident Evil at Blackthorn Manor. A few more scrolls down is Debbie Macomber’s The Apartment. On the next page is Diana Galbalon’s Virgins. Other authors that you will find if you keep scrolling will be JR Ward, John Grisham, Lauren K. Hamilton, Craig Johnson, and many others.

Short stories are not just for your high-school lit class any more. They are growing in popularity for many reasons. First, they do not require a large investment of time. Many of today’s readers like starting a story and finishing in the time it takes to get a suntan or ride a bus to work. 

Next, short reads normally entail a much smaller cost, anywhere from free to $2.99, with your traditional authors pricing them a few dollars higher than your self-pubbed ones and rarely offering free downloads. 

A short is also a great way to test the author’s style and quality with little investment on your part. I always know whether I like the author or not, or if the series is one I want to read, after reading only a chapter or two. 

My own short story Vampire, Not Monster introduces two important characters from the Angel’s Guardian novel, and it gives the reader an over-all feel for the series. If you don’t like the short, you will probably not care for the novel.

Finally, shorts provide extra material that often could not be worked into a complete book. Often, the story develops a side character that fascinates us; one we want very much to see again. An example of this is the short  Father Mine by JR Ward. The main characters are the vampire warrior Zadist and his mate Bella. These characters already have their own novel, but I wanted to see more of them. This story is one of my favorites because it fits seamlessly into the long series.

Now, having touted the virtues of the short, I must also touch on the commercial aspect of the Amazon lineup. The listings are peppered with a great number of erotica. It seems that anyone who can come up with a few pages of step-sister and step-father porn  (excuse me) erotica, has done so. 

This is not limited to just Amazon. The Smashwords listings and many other sellers are also crowded with short pornographic work masquerading as "erotica." Please, do not let this be an obstacle. Scrolling down is easy and costs nothing.

Many of the short reads are non fiction, not short stories. Many are manuals. For instance, there are shorts on recipes, Temple Run secrets, wilderness survival, Twitter use, blah, blah, blah. There is even a short on how to make your own Cannabis extract. Still, this is not bad because whatever your taste, you’ll find something to suit you.

Below are some FREE and $0.99 short reads I thought you might like. Most are Amazon links but not all. I chose stories with good reviews and some by authors whose work I like. My own Edge of the World is there too. Enjoy!

$0.99 at Amazon

FREE at Amazon. This is an anthology of shorts.

FREE at Amazon

FREE at Amazon

$0.99 at Amazon

FREE at Amazon

$0.99 Here

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FREE at Amazon
FREE at Instafreebie

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FREE at Amazon
FREE at Instafreebie
$0.99 at Amazon