Friday, July 21, 2017

Top 100 Free in Kindle

I again chose my next book from the "Best Sellers in Kindle eBooks- Top 100 Free."

The title of the book is The First Time I Said Goodbye by Claire Allan. It was at number #2 on July 19th. It has 147 reviews and with a 4.3 stars average. It's not the usual type of story I normally read. It starts out with a funeral. A funeral at the start of any book is depressing, to say the least, unless you're looking at the start of a Marvel's Avengers story.

Chapter 2
It caught my attention, and I'm definitely invested in it! The main characters, mother and daughter, are headed for a trip to Ireland. I love Ireland. (A good comeback from the funeral.) The trip is the mother's way of getting on with life after the death of her husband. Annabel, the daughter, appears to be caught up in a relationship she seems to be ambivalent about, but the story is really about her mother and the love of her life, the one that got away.

The book is well-written. The About Author states that Claire Allan is a reporter and columnist, so her writing should be good and it is. It definitely gives a sense of place, especially after they get to Ireland, and it gives hints of a mystery regarding the mother's reason for the trip. Yes, I am hooked. I will read more!

Now, wait a minute! Where has the book gone? It's no longer in the Top Free list. I do a search for the title, and see that it's back on regular price. That brings up the point that the books on the Top Free are not necessarily there by popular demand. One good promo on ENT or BookBub or Amazon's Marketing Ads can put a book at the top of the list, usually for a day or two.

This does not mean that the book is regularly popular. It means that thousands of readers are downloading anything they can get for free from the promo sites. As soon as the promo is over, the book drops off the list.

The Top 100 Free list changes constantly. The book that is #2 today, can be #40 tomorrow or disappear entirely, as this one did. The Top 100 Paid list is far more stable, and there are many $0.99 through $4.99 offerings. However, you're more likely to discover something new  and unexpected in the free list.

Now, to keep reading.

Final report: Oh, my God! I'm crying! Not a sad-ending cry but a happy-ending cry. This book is definitely worth reading, and this words are coming from a woman who does not do sappy romantic well. In my opinion, and once again- I must emphasize that my opinion may not be anything like yours, this book is definitely worth reading.

Normally, I like my reads spiked with the occasional sex scene. This book has not one of those!

I like my books to be fast-paced, full of action reads. This has none of those things.

I like my books full of vampires, tortured heroes, and sexy rogues. There are none of those hunks in this book.

This novel is a sweet, gentle, nostalgic, bittersweet tale that switches back and forth between the years 1959-1960 and 2010. Yes, the two characters whose story we're told in flashbacks are in their seventies! However, the story grabbed me and didn't let me go. I read it in two seatings. And I finished reading with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. If I ever meet the author, I will punch her in the nose for making me cry.

The First Time I Said Goodbye is well-written, definitely above 7th-grade reading level. It gives a good sense of time and place. The characters are interesting and they speak in intelligent dialogue. Finally, I could not let go until I knew what happened! By the way, it's based on a true story according to the author. I loved it!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What to Read?

How do we choose what to read?

It depends on the reader and the reason he or she reads. In this post, I will limit my scope to those of us who read for pleasure, specifically fiction.

As an author, I put great stock by word-of-mouth publicity. I remember vividly how a few years back, my students kept telling me about a series of books they loved and how I needed to try them. I did. That’s how I discovered the Twilight series. I also found out that YA books can be for adults too!

Another way I choose books to read is by how often I see them on display and how attracted I am by their covers. Harry Potter got me that way. After months of seeing stacks of it on display and hearing the hype on TV, I decided to give it a try. It worked for me.

A lot has changed since the early days of Twilight and Harry Potter. How I shop for books has changed dramatically. With the closing of most major bookstores, my book shopping has become primarily online shopping. Amazon has become my primary source for books. 

I still go on my semi-annual pilgrimage to Barnes & Noble each time I fly into Miami to visit my family, but Amazon is at my fingertips no matter where in the world I am and UPS delivers.

In shopping at Amazon, there are problems. There are over one million titles available, but only the ones the Amazon logarithms consider worthy are up front. You might not have a problem with that. You probably think that any book worth reading will be among the top sellers and vice versa.  

I usually head for the top titles in the categories I like. There will be a top-sellers list in each cat. I will click on the ones that catch my eye, and I’ll read the blurb. I’ll gloss over the reviews, paying attention to the average for all. If a book attracts my attention, I always download the sample. It’s free and in the two or three chapters involved, I can always decide if I want to read more. 

Do I rely on book promos that come to my mailbox from sites such as BookBub, ENT, Read Cheaply, and such? Not recently. I get overwhelmed by the promo sites. They send constant lists of FREE and discounted books. Often, these books seem to be carbon copies of the same: bear shifter romances interspersed with the billionaire’s baby romance, and the ever-present YA fantasy or the end-of-the-world newest.

Most of the sites have little appreciation for cross-genre titles. The ones that claim to be more exclusive, base their exclusivity on the number of reviews a book has and its selling rank on Amazon or the name of the author. Which brings me to the question: Is a book worth reading because it’s visible on Amazon?

The obvious answer to that is that “worth reading” is a concept totally determined by the individual reader. I will qualify my criteria for a book I consider worth reading. 

First, it must be grammatically acceptable. It need not be perfect, as many reviewers expect a book to be. J.R. Ward’s books are not perfect, but millions of fans, including me, love them. I can deal with missing commas but not with overwhelmingly bad grammar.

It must have a storyline that grabs me. It can’t be a rehash of the same old theme. If you’re writing YA, and you’re doing fantasy, it must be somehow different and original. The kids with super powers or the quest for the stone have been done to death.

It must have more than just speed, action, and short sentences. There must be good dialogue, compelling characters, and a sense of place and time.

It must hold my attention! That is the most important mark of a book I find worth reading. It pulls me in and makes me want to live in it. Last evening I sat at my favorite restaurant, all alone, twirling Fetuccini Alfredo with one hand while holding Tara Janzen's Loose Ends with the other.  I've read both her Crazy series and her Loose series many times, and they never fail to grab me. I'd rather stop eating before I stop reading.

Now, back to the original idea in my lengthy speech. Is a book worth reading because it makes Amazon’s best-sellers list?  The only way I could determine that is by reading those books. This would be beyond my scope because I can’t afford to buy them all. However, I can try the same experiment on the Top FREE Kindle downloads. 

Free books are suspect because they are free. If an author is eager to give away a book for free, then it must not be a very good book. If it were good, it would be selling like hotcakes and have a placement in the paid best sellers. Doesn’t that make sense? 

This is faulty logic. Many authors today are giving away first books in a series as a way of hooking readers into the series. That being said, some books are being driven to the top of the charts through “Click Farm” scams, as David Gaughran recently reported in his post Scammers Break the Kindle Store. This is true for PAID as well as FREE books, but it’s not a common practice. 

I intend to pick out books from Amazon’s Top Free rankings and let you know if, IN MY OPINION, they're worth reading. Remember: my opinion! Everyone has one, and mine is no more important than yours. Be warned, I'll not trudge through a book that doesn't grab me early on!  

Book for July 18th: Love on a Spring Morning. This book is #2 on today’s Top 100 Free at Amazon. It’s part of a series, but not the first. The author is tagged as a “New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.” The series is described as a “small town military romance.” This means that the setting is a small town, and the main character (male) is a soldier or prior soldier. This is in the major contemporary romance genre.

I also included the screenshot below. Interestingly, both #1 and #2 are non-fiction books. Love on a Spring Morning has 157 Reviews with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. I expect this book to be good!

This is my opinion: for whatever it’s worth.

Just finished Chapter 1. I had a really hard time staying with it. Main character Ryan Howard is having difficulties dealing with being a single parent after the death of his wife. The names of all the different children, the depressing topic, and the slow going are throwing me off. This read will be a good fit for readers who love extended pain. I don’t. I love suspenseful starts and beginnings that just grab me. Still, it does not mean the book is not worth reading.

Just finished chapter 2. This one introduces the female main character, Holly. She’s as tired and depressed as the male one, and she’s a movie star looking for something not Hollywood. I’m in pain, but it’s probably my fault.

Just finished chapter 3. Ryan visits his family and has a long talk with his brother. We find out that Ryan’s marriage was not happy. His wife was addicted to pot, and she was killed. He hasn’t had sex in a long time, and he’s not interested enough to make an effort. 

All right. I'm drowning here. Lack-luster writing, slow pace, uninteresting characters, and after three chapters, not a really clear sense of place. Too much minutiae and tired, unattractive personalities. We can find that in everyday life. Why look for it in books? I have to wonder how one makes it through the next chapter.

Chapter 4. Ryan sees Holly (the actress) in a sports bra and tiny shorts. His reaction? This is a direct quote: “And her breasts. Holy shit, he could see her breasts, and they were like an oasis in the desert.”  (He could see her breasts through the sports bra, of course.)

No more for me. The first four chapters were a struggle to read. It failed the biggest test: it failed to grab me and keep my attention. I am a fan of Debbie Macomber, whose small-town romances have never lost me.  Until the next book, guys!

Reminder: All my own novels, including the latest release, Thicker Than Blood, are on Kindle Unlimited. If you have a KU membership, you can read them for FREE!

If you've read Vampire, Not Monster, would you kindly log into Amazon and leave a review? I'd truly appreciate your effort. If you've not read it, you might give it a go! It's a free download and only about a 45-minute read.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Day Has Arrived!

Thicker Than Blood has been released as of this morning! Get it now and be one of the first to review it. Thicker Than Blood is Book 2 of the Angel's Guardian series by Zeece Lugo. It's also a great stand-alone read. Packed with romance, action, suspense, humor, and eroticism, it will keep you wanting more!

Get it only at AMAZON.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Thicker Than Blood: A Tiny Excerpt!

     Beyond the shadows ahead, something moved. Angel stood still, her senses warning her. “Nina, come. Be quiet.” The girl, too smart, her survival instincts sharpened by experiences no six-year-old child should have, immediately went silent and reached for her mother. 
     “What is it?” she whispered. “Are bad guys here?” She clung to her mother’s skirt.
     The young mother felt a sudden pang of guilt. Her beautiful daughter was afraid, and Angel was at fault. She needed to be a stronger mother. She needed to stop jumping at every little noise, every snap of a branch, every scutter of a mouse. She needed to keep her children from the fears that would shackle them with invisible chains for the rest of their lives.
     Just as she was about to reassure Nina, the hairs at the back of her neck prickled. She turned quickly around to face the danger, almost tumbling to the sand.
     “Careful there,” the startlingly handsome stranger warned, reaching out to steady her. “You do not want to drop the babe.” 
     He spoke in the refined, old-fashioned, accented English that she’d first heard from Maxim. All the vamps seemed to speak that way. She’d not heard a contraction in days.    
     Angel held the baby tighter to her breast and instinctively pulled Nina closer to her. She looked up into the man’s smiling face and felt a frisson of unease travel over her body. Her senses screamed, “Danger, danger, danger!” Will Robinson would have been running for his life.
     His smile widened. He knew she was afraid. Her fear pleased him. Having had enough of men who wanted to instill fear in her, she pulled herself up tall and proud, assuming her most haughty demeanor, her “bitch” look.
     “Are you in the habit of waylaying lone women and children in the dark? Surely, a real male doesn’t need such antics to feel like a man.”
     “Forgive me,” he answered, as his gaze roamed over her body. “It is not my intent to cause you fear. I am strolling along the shore, admiring the beauty of the night same as you. Coincidence brought our paths to cross. I assure you, you have no reason to fear me. At least, not tonight.” The word tonight seemed to be an afterthought. “Besides, we both know I am not a man."  

Hello, My Dear Readers!

I am so excited! Thicker than Blood, the sequel to Angel's Guardian, was released today . I am not the writing machine that puts out a book every three months. I like to write and re-write, making sure my work is the best I can put out.

The last few weeks have been full of hard work and stress as I watch my release date get closer and closer, and last-minute editing changes pop up unexpectedly. The result, however, is worth it. Thicker Than blood will not disappoint!  

Full of the action, humor, romance, and eroticism that readers loved in Angel's Guardian, this sequel delivers on its promises. Look for the print version to come out in a few weeks after the release of the kindle version.

Please, Follow me on my BookBub  Author Page. 

Thicker Than blood is now available for Pre-order at Amazon.  

Book 1, Angel's Guardian, is available on Amazon.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Focus on Daniel's Fork

A vicious killer lurks in the dark woods of Daniel’s Fork. Cunning and daring, driven by a powerful passion, he has killed with impunity for years. But now, a new adversary has come to town, and the hunt is on!

In a world without forensics, technology, or science, with only the help of the village “witch” and his trusted companions, William Evers, the new lord of Daniel’s Fork, matches wits with the serial killer that has plagued the village for years. Can he catch the killer and save the lovely Susanna from a fate worse than death?

Begin a journey to the future past, to a place 200 years in the future that mirrors the past. Daniel’s Fork is a novel like no other, part mystery, part romance, penned like a historical saga, reading like a cozy mystery, but set in the future. It’s main focus, however, are the characters.

You’ll fall in love with Setiyah, the quiet but fierce healer, with William Evers, the beautiful but cold-hearted leader, and with all the vividly crafted side characters. 

Journey to magic Daniel’s Fork: only Zeecé Lugo can take you there!            

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Little Taste!

As a rule, I do not offer full novels as Permafree. I also have stopped doing FREE and $0.99 Special Promos on my full novels. My most recent $0.99 offering was Strongheart's Woman, and it was the last. On Amazon, you make $0.35 on a $0.99 book. The promo sites and taxes take most of it. 

I have found that I'd rather sell one book at regular price to a reader who truly appreciates my writing enough to pay $3.99 for it than hand out 3,000 copies to people who collect thousands of freebies with no intention of ever reading them.

I also have stopped offering books in exchange for Mailing List sign-ups. If you honestly wish to be informed of new posts, promos, and new releases, you may join my Mailing List here or at my Homepage: Zeecé Lugo's Corner, with no freebie attached. 

The reader who pays for my book is many times more likely to enjoy my work, write a review, and become a true fan. Besides, my novels are not priced so highly that they can't be considered bargains. Compared to the $14.95 to $18.95 price of most recent traditional ebooks out there, mine are a steal.

That being said, I don't expect prospective new readers to dish out even $3.99 without an idea of what they're getting. In order that he or she will have a taste of my style, genre, and quality of work before spending cash, I do make available short story prequels to my work. 

These are available here at my blog and at my homepage. There are no strings attached, no email required, no Mailing List sign-up required. There are three titles available for FREE download.

"Edge of the World" is the short that introduces the series Daniel's Fork. It is approximately a one-hour short read. It contains scenes of violence and has sexual content not suitable for younger readers or adults who object to such content.

This story takes place in the future, many years after a pandemic has devastated the planet's population. It introduces the main characters that will once again appear in the novel Daniel's Fork. If you find that you like this story, then you will probably love the Daniel's Fork series which includes Strongheart's Woman, Daniel's Fork, and A Time for Love. There are three other novels planned for this series.

"Vampire, Not Monster" is also a FREE download with no strings attached. It is the prequel short read to the new, Angel's Guardian novel and new series. This is an urban fantasy, paranormal romance featuring the atypical vampire Maxim Denisov. This story is set in New York City and takes place in 1995, twenty years before Angel's Guardian. The next book in the series is titled Thicker Than Blood and will be published later this year.

The third short available as a FREE download is "Five Stories Up." This is a deliciously scary ghost story set in New York City in the 1960s. This story was first written for a Halloween anthology, and it is great reading for people of all ages. 

Feel free to download one or all of these. I hope that if you do, you'll take the time to read and enjoy them, maybe becoming a Zeecé Lugo fan!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Can't believe it!

One of my all-time favorite time travel romance series is the Out of Time series by Monique Martin. With the exception of the first book, I've paid full price for each of the novels because I love them so much, I can never wait for them to come on sale and they seldom do.

Imagine my surprise when I find that the first three novels are FREE right now! Well, I can only tell you to GRAB THEM NOW. Honestly, I think you'll love them.

Here is the Amazon link.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Journey to the Future Past!

Reviewed by Lex Allen for Readers' Favorite

Having read, reviewed, and loved The Edge of the World, I immediately followed it with Daniel's Fork: A Mystery set in the Daniel's Fork Universe. The story, the characters, and the talent of author Zeecé Lugo ensured that I would continue to immerse myself in this fabulously inventive series as soon as the next book arrived. That third book, Strongheart’s Woman, supplements a set of stories that are all part and parcel of a fantasy tale set in a future past. The saga of Daniel’s Fork is described, at least partially, as a dystopian story. The saga is certainly set in a future following an apocalyptic event — in this case a pandemic — but it is far from ‘a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.’ Instead, the future world has gone back to an American future where the great Choctaw and Creek Indian tribes have reestablished timeless traditions, and the ‘white’ man has reverted to a feudal system of government, reminiscent of the Middle Ages in Europe. This future world is anything but dystopian. The story combines fantasy, romance, and suspense genres with a sprinkling of alternative history to thoroughly delight all readers who enjoy any of these genres.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Angel's Guardian- A Vampire Romance Like No Other!

Love vampire stories? Don't miss out on the totally FREE short and prequel to the novel Angel's Guardian, "Vampire, Not Monster." 

You need not buy or sign up for anything. Just download it for FREE at the seller of your choice.

From the heights of New York City’s tenements, the vampire Maxim hunts for prey below. His quarry of choice: murderers, rapists, drug dealers, child molesters, the worst of the worst.

On a sultry summer night, he witnesses a senseless murder, and the chase is on for a cold, merciless killer. But as the hunt intensifies, Maxim finds so much more than he expected.

Download it for FREE  

HERE (Amazon)

or HERE (Kobo, Apple, Nook, Smashwords, and more)  

Read and liked "Vampire, Not Monster"? Read the full-length novel that  follows the short story. 


The vampire Maxim makes his home in New York City. Self-exiled from the vampire nation, he spends his days in quiet solitude and his nights prowling the heights and hunting evil, his prey of choice. On a cold, November night, he chances upon a gang rape in a desolate back alley. He leaps at the chance to feed on predators of the worst kind, his favorite prey. But the situation takes a turn he never expected, and soon he finds himself wishing he'd made a different choice on that fateful night.

Angelica has been on the run for years. Kidnapped by a sex-trafficking ring at the age of fourteen, she escaped only to be relentlessly pursued by her enemies ever since. Tonight, they found her. As she lies dying on a cold, dark alley, her only fear is for the secret she desperately hid moments before they caught her. A secret she must protect with her life from her enemies and from the monster that destroyed them and now turns red, fiery eyes upon her.

Get it at Amazon

Coming Soon! Book 2 of the Angel's Guardian Series. Join Max and Angel as they journey to Max's home and face their vampire enemies.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

For Sci Fi Lovers!

FREE only until Feb.10th!

When runaway teenagers Don and Janet pull off the mountainside road for a few hours’ rest, they don’t expect to wake up 1000 years in the future.

There, Earth is a desert planet where nomadic tribes are little more than slaves to the Ganu, the powerful and dominant ruling tribe. Dangers lie at every turn, but Janet and Don are soon befriended by one of the tribes that roams the small zone not contaminated by radiation.

When Don is hailed as the mythical, prophesied savior of the small tribe, they must use all their cunning and resourcefulness to defeat a powerful, cruel enemy and save the lives of their new friends.

Hurry up and take advantage before the price goes back up. This is a delightful tale of Sci Fi adventure for readers of all ages! 

Sahara Foley is a friend of mine and a great author. This is your chance to try out her writing for FREE. If you like this novel, I have it on good authority that one of her best horror stories will be free soon, and I will tell you when, right here, in Names starting With "Z".

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ever Heard of Kodi?

In my Facebook group, the topic of favorite TV science fiction series came up. We are all authors in this group, but we are also avid viewers. Someone mentioned Firefly, one of my old faves, and the comments flowed in. 

I commented that one of my other favorites is Babylon 5, but that the DVDs never come on sale, and reruns are hard to find, if not impossible. 

A friend suggested I download Kodi with the addon Exodus. He said I could find any show or movie I wanted with it. I never heard of Kodi before. 

I use Roku with a Netflix account ($9.99 monthly) and an Amazon Prime account ($100 a year, averaging out at $8.33 a month.) My Amazon Prime pays for itself with free shipping. This means that I watch Amazon Prime movies and shows for virtually free. But neither of these services allows me to watch anything and everything.

There is also the option to rent or buy from other services. For example, Vudu has each of the five seasons of Babylon 5 priced at $39.99. Rounding off, that's $200 for the entire series. I would love to have it, but $200 is a little steep for me. I often buy DVDs of movies and shows I like because I like to own them, but I always buy them on sale.

Being curious, I look up Kodi on You Tube. I find many videos and tutorials on installing it. However, there are also other steps to go through as Kodi must have sources added. Then comes the addition of Exodus, Phoenix, and any other addon you want.

I asked the magic question: Is viewing through this system legal? Well, no one could answer the question. As an author, I cringe at the thought that scammers may be stealing and giving away my work without my consent. 

I know that we could well be causing the death of the entertainment industry by sucking away its revenue sources. I personally would stop publishing at once if my work was usurped in such a way. 

I think of how much is charged from a family today for one visit to the movies or one outing to see a baseball game or a concert, and the $3.99 I charge for one of my books does not compare. If the entertainment industry wants to stay on top, it needs to make itself affordable to the average viewer.

Anyway, I was highly curious about Kodi. I found my way to and clicked on Downloads. 

Note: I was working using my Kindle Fire 3rd gen. Off course, I had the Apps from Unknown Sources on my Kindle enabled. You should be able to use any tablet or smart phone you have.

On the page, after clicking on "Downloads," I scrolled down the page until I found all the different options: Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, Apple IOS and Mac. I chose Release build ARMv7a (32bit) for Android since the Kindle is an Android device.

I made sure to choose a directory on my Kindle I could find easily, and hit download. I took a few minutes for the download to finish. Then I clicked on the downloaded file on my Kindle, and I hit Install.

To my shock and surprise, the app installed with not a single hiccup, but it did not do anything when I opened it. I went back and did a little viewing of You Tube tutorials. The following was very helpful.  This tutorial is a little old, so you will be downloading Jarvis instead of Isengard.

Once Kodi was installed, I had to tell it where to find what it needs to work, or give it "repositories." I could try and tell you how, but the video tutorial is excellent at showing you. 

Once I had Kodi, its repositories, and addons installed, (Exodus, Phoenix are the addons you really need to watch movies,) I turned on my large screen TV and went to my Roku screen. I enabled screen mirroring. By the way, Smart TVs do not need a Roku attached. 

I took my Fire HDX, went to "Display & Sounds," and enabled Display Mirroring. My tablet searched and found my Roku. It connected seamlessly and the Kodi screen showed in beautiful, sharp color on my TV.

I clicked on "Video," then "Addons," then "Exodus." In seconds, the screen was populated with a list of movies. From there, I just explored! 

I rather like the addon "Phoenix." Within minutes I was watching Fantastic Beasts on my wide-screen TV. I was surprised at the ability of my Kindle Fire to stream without pause at a beautiful resolution and mirror to my large-screen TV. This in spite of the fact that my Internet connection is mediocre at best.

An interesting point I noticed is that the setup on my Windows computer works, but the picture is not sharp and there is constant buffering. My Kindle Fire connects on the same network and yet streams and mirrors perfectly. I intend to try with my smart phone next. Google play offers the Kodi App for Android also.

Now, to return to the topic of legality. I am sure that watching movies that just barely have been released such as Rogue 1 and Fantastic Beasts can not be legal, but there is an incredible amount of content to watch that is legal. Kodi seems to be a great App to have, and it is open source; this means that it's FREE! 

Thank you, CJ Rutherford for telling me about Kodi. CJ is the author of the Worlds of the Never fantasy series. Try him out for FREE.

Download Here

Have you read anything by Zeecé Lugo? Start with one of her short stories. Edge of the World is set in a dystopian Earth of the future. It's fast paced and dark, not suitable for younger readers. It's only $0.99 at all major sellers.

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  Do not forget to check out the author's page at Zeece Lugo's Corner.