About Hana by K.T. Bowes

My thoughts on this novel changed dramatically from beginning to end. I almost dropped the book at the end of Chapter 10. I was really distressed as I had recently read another book by K.T. Bowes and loved it. I was bewildered by ten chapters of nothing but a klutzy, pitiful, jumpy heroine who can’t make it through the parking lot without tragedy befalling her. The characters seemed mostly nasty people and the amounts of nose-picking, snots, and farting seemed unnecessary. Honestly, I just about gave up. But I didn’t, and soon after, the love interest and the suspense showed up, and my feelings changed entirely.

The character of Logan totally hooked me with his secretive and tortured soul. He proved to me far more beguiling than any other character in the story. For me, it turned out to be about Logan rather than Hana. His complex, dual, fascinating personality won my heart. By the end of the book, I accepted the fact that I had to know what the fate of Logan, Hana, and the Du Rose family would be, no matter how many books I had to read!

Since then, the author did a major rewrite and the book is even better. Gone are those original pesky early chapters. It is now streamlined and focused, a pleasure to read. 

This book is a very clean. Although there are clearly hints of sexual situations, they are never described. The main character, Hana, is a deeply Christian woman and often speaks about her faith, but the novel is not driven by a religious theme. It is the start to a fascinating family saga and once you are hooked, you have no choice but to follow it to its end. I highly recommend it. 

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