Origins of the Never by C.J. Rutherford

C J Rutherford has created a land peopled with Eldar, Dwelves, winged Faer, Brownies, Dragons, and surrounded by other worlds among the stars and parallel realities. It is a place full of magic, its foundation rooted on the likes of Tolkien’s creations and myriad other fantasy world builders, and yet original in its blend of fantasy and science. The land is good and protects its inhabitants from evil so that no evil may enter.

But if there were no evil, there would be no story. So evil does enter the idyllic realm, and the story unfolds, a tale of love, jealousy, hate, madness, and destruction, each giving birth to the other.

Origins of The Never is a short story (nine chapters) written as a prequel to Souls of The Never. It is a great beginning, and I will definitely read the next installment. I liked the characters, the simple and poetic language, the story, the possibilities inherent in a multi-strand universe. And whatever unfolds in the next installment, I expect to see dragons- lots of them!

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