Souls of the Never by C.J. Rutherford

Souls of the Never is a story that keeps you on your toes. It is an incredibly creative blend of fantasy and science fiction shaped into a kaleidoscope of narrative that is both exciting and challenging. The universe that Colin Rutherford created is a universe of myriad realities, zillions of possibilities, constantly changing. Here, an evil force, Tenybris, labors for eons to assimilate and devour everything.

The technique that the author uses is very similar to that used in high action movies where the camera zooms and pans, constantly changing the perspective. I found it overwhelming at first, and often had to go back and reference a previous chapter to refresh a character in my mind.

 Each chapter jumps not only to different characters, but also different points in time and different worlds. One moment you’re watching an elf hunting in the forest, the next you are in the middle of a galactic war, and spaceships are blowing up all around you. The Liberi, guardians of the universe and enemies of the evil Tenybris, can cross dimensions as well as time, at will! Eventually, it all comes together to form one hell of an exciting story.

Now, I must warn that this story needs editing still. Grammatical errors kept me from giving it top marks. That being said, I enjoyed reading it and will definitely read the next installment.

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