Dog Days of Karma by Jada Ryker

Reading Dog Days of Karma is an experience that can be compared to spending an insane night at a Mardi Gras carnival and then waking up to find that the crazy crowd was made up of nuns, monks, and choir boys. It is a mystery unlike any I’ve ever read before; it is full of quirky characters, unlikely heroes, evil bad guys, and unexpected twists and surprises.

The pace of the story is super fast, and the number of characters that sweep in and out of the story is sometimes overwhelming, but at the end, everything comes together rather well. My favorite character is Hobart, the homeless guy turned detective, but I also liked Blake Cypher, the guilt-ridden detective. I liked the way each character’s story is told at the end.

What didn’t I like? I think that whirlwind pace of the story did not leave any room for character development and description. When a female character “swam across to the detective,” a phrase used to describe how she crossed the floor to him, I felt that something was missing. Was she like doing the backstroke? The same character often was described as moving her hands in the air, and I had no idea what the author meant; there was not enough information for me to visualize the moment.

Did I enjoy the book? Yes, I did. For those readers looking for an entertaining, quirky, fun mystery that is free of sexual content and explicit language, I definitely recommend it. If you are tired of the over-worked serial killer theme with the long torture scenes and dark endings, then this book is for you.

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