I am an indie author.  This means that I write and publish my own work without the backing of any big-time publisher.  It means that there are no paid editors, illustrators, secretaries, or thousands of dollars spent on publicity for my books.  I don't have twenty years of best-selling book covers on the shelves of Barnes & Noble as Nora Roberts does.  No one knows who I am unless I tell them.

Not long ago, I read a post by a popular blogger in which she claimed that she was not an 'indie' author. She was 'self-published' because calling yourself an indie implied that you were independent and indies are not. It's my understanding that no one can be independent of everything. When I call myself an 'indie,' I am proclaiming my independence from the traditional methods. As an author whose success will be determined by sales, I will always depend on the reading public.  

Many indie authors tried to get published the traditional route and found nothing but rejections; most of us never tried.  I just didn't have the savvy, the resources, or the time to spend trying to hunt down agents on the other side of the world, writing submission packages (all different) to dozens of agents and publishers, and waiting for one to answer before submitting to the next.

Contrary to popular belief,  going with Amazon is not easy either. Amazon also wants to get the best-selling author because Amazon’s business is business.  If you publish a first-time book through Amazon, do not expect to browse thorough the lists of books and see your brand-new title unless you do a specific title search. Why? Because Amazon uses algorithms that depend on how often your book is searched, viewed, bought, and reviewed. 

They also give very preferential treatment to already best-selling authors. It is a struggle to get Amazon to allow the listing of a book as Permafree, one of the few promotional tools an indie has. The indie author has to depend on his or her own ingenuity when it comes to publicity and marketing. 

You might say, “Who cares? Today, anyone who wants to write or thinks he or she can write, does it. Most indie books are horribly written, in need of extensive editing, and  many are just vehicles for the worst pornography.”  In many cases, you would be right. 

Yet, the truth is that there are incredibly talented indie writers out there who would put  most best-selling authors to shame. Their wonderful works will seldom sell for more than three or four dollars a copy. These writers will make you laugh, cry, think, fall in love all over again, examine your values, and wish to read the next book.  

These authors often make their own book covers, get their peers to proofread, struggle to get a review, and their works are not on the shelves at Barnes & Noble. Only among these authors is true originality and ground-breaking writing taking place because traditional publishers only want what is proven to sell.

My aim in this site is to encourage readers to read works by self-published authors and along the way, get you to try out my work.You are welcome to browse this site, join my VIP List, and check out some of my work. Who knows? You might discover a new series to love!