Nightmare Storm by Sahara Foley

I was intrigued by the author’s page in Facebook as she explained that she wrote the stories that her husband, no longer living, had written and never published. 

I picked up Bear Of A Storm, and could not put it down until it was finished, although that is not hard to do since it is a short story. Still, it is a very enjoyable read, especially before going to bed. 

The author writes in simple, unfettered language. You will not be distracted by glaring errors and confusing sentence structure. The story takes place on a dark and stormy night! Who doesn't love a story that begins like that? 

She builds suspense and tension expertly right from the start, and the reader is swept up in the protagonist’s confusion and fear. The ending, of course, is a surprise ending. I will never look at Teddy Bears the same way! I do intend to read more stories by Sahara Foley.

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