Review for The Actuary

I loved this book right from its suspenseful beginning. I have read several novels by K.T. Bowes and have come to expect powerful love stories full of suspense and mystery from her. This one does not fail to deliver.

Emma is a single mother struggling to raise her young son in abject poverty while hiding from an enemy she fears will destroy her. She borrows a dress to attend a dear friend’s wedding, and there accidentally runs into her child’s father, a man she has not seen in years and who has no idea he has a son! Desperate to keep her secret, Emma does a Cinderella run. But now he knows, and the chase is on!

This story has all the elements that make a romance novel a non-put-down. It has a gorgeous, physical, rich, and tortured male protagonist who will not give up. It has a lovable young child needing a father. It has a strong, stubborn heroine who will do anything to protect her child’s life. Add to the mix an evil black widow villain, and you have a book that you can’t put down.

This book seems to be a shade different from K.T. Bowes’ other works. There is a bit more detail in the sex scenes and female protagonist is much more confident, full of fight and spirit. I really enjoyed this novel and whizzed through it in record time unable to put it down.


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