Blott by Daniel Parsons

I liked the start of this book: straight into action as the main character, Blott, runs for his life! Blott is one of the “canvas” people. Their world seems to be built on a surface made of something like knotted rope, or a canvas, which left to itself, is no more than a desert. I found this concept to be so creative, so different, that I have to wonder how the author conceptualized it.

Instead of going with the usual fantasy elements that most YA writer s use such as elves, dwarves, magic stones, and the usual quests, the author has produced a truly different concept: the canvas world where life is “painted” into the bare canvas by the blood of gods!

I enjoyed the story very much. What suggestions do I have for the author? Maybe a more stylized language for a people who are obviously simple farmers and not on planet earth. It felt strange to hear the characters say words like “Ok, germs, and operation.” Other than that, I found the book to be well written, enjoyable, and while it opens the way for a second book, it is a stand-alone novel and does not end in a cliff hanger.

I recommend this book to readers of all ages.

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