Demon on Her Shoulders by K.T. Bowes


I will try to be as objective as I am capable of being in reviewing this book.  First, I will say that the author is a brilliant writer.  Her voice is genuine, the language used is intelligent and rich, the imagery is evocative, her character development is done skillfully. 

The main protagonist is Jayden Mitchell, a tortured soul who survives a physically and emotionally devastating experience but is left psychologically wounded for life.  She works as a counselor for a church services group while trying to hide from her past and survive the ‘demons’ that hunt her.  As the story unfolds, a love interest develops, a murder takes place, and we begin to learn more about what happened to Jayden years earlier.  

As I began reading the story, I was fooled into thinking that it would be a paranormal romance or mystery; the prologue depicts little imps or demons circling and worshipping their turned-to-stone father and finally flying off to do his bidding.  I happen to love paranormal romances.  It was very surprising when at the end of the fifth chapter, the phrase “body of Christ” jumped out at me.  Other references to “Satan’s lies” and “Jesus” finally made the topic clear.  This is not a book with a spiritual  theme; it is one with a religious agenda. It is specifically, a Christian agenda. 

Did I enjoy the book? Very much so.  Do I have objections to its pretentions? I absolutely do.  I feel that just as books and movies that have sexual content must warn the reader of such content, so should books that have clear religious or political agendas.  It is obvious that the intent of the novel is to bring to the reader a message that will influence the reader’s perception, and trying to do so inconspicuously.  I call that dishonest.  It is the equivalent of  calling a book God’s Grace, but having the content be about evolution. 

Do I recommend the novel?  Absolutely.  If you do not mind the few references to Satan, Christ, and Jesus, the book is absolutely moving and very well written.  There is a large market for Christian literature.  This novel will greatly appeal to those readers; it especially has a strong and moving message for young people about the evils of drug addiction and its destructive force on the family.    

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