The Fairest of Them by Heather Osborne


I have read and reviewed The Soldier’s Secret by Heather Osborn, which is a totally different genre from her latest work, The Fairest of Them. I was very surprised that an author who normally writes historical novels and does them well, can suddenly turn to mystery-crime. It turns out that Ms. Osborne has a background in criminology and psychology, and uses it well to pull her genre switch!

The Fairest of Them was birthed in the short story Crushed Gardenias. At first, I was confused by the fact that the heroine of the prequel, Rae Hatting, was nowhere in sight, and this is her series. The novel opens to a scene of an investigation of a murder in the woods.

A young woman is dead, perfectly arranged to pose as Goldilocks, the children’s tale character. She is the latest in a series of murders that have happened in the last two years. All victims are posed as a fairy-tale characters.

The detective in charge of the investigation, Lucas Thompson, is running out of time before the investigation is passed on to someone else. Enter Dr. Melinda Rawlings, FBI profiler, and the romantic sparks fly!  

Needless to say, the author throws a good and unexpected wrench into the story which is, after all, a Rae Hatting mystery. Rae Hatting is a tough, no-nonsense, FBI agent who reluctantly takes on a case involving Lucas Thompson.

I like Rae Hatting a lot. She reminds me of another famous FBI female in a famous movie I will not name! This fast-paced novel shows how the team of Hatting and Thompson comes together and promises more adventures in crime solving for the two of them. I am looking forward to the series! 



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