Hero for Hire by Cynthia Pratt


I definitely enjoyed this novel. The pace of the novel was fast, never boring, and always kept you guessing. The story is devoid of offensive language and sexual content. Any reader of any age will enjoy it.  The characters were very likable and Eno just stole my heart.  I downloaded the book for free, but I will definitely read the others by this author and pay for them.

My mother taught me to read and write when I was about five years old. Our neighbor’s daughter was in high school, and she brought me the first books I ever read, her Greek mythology texts, and after that, Norse mythology. At an early age, I fell in love with gods and heroes. Hero for Hire has taken me back to a time when I sat on the front steps of my childhood home, combing my doll’s hair and imagining she was Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.  I was a strange child!

I loved this book. I loved Eno the Thracian, a lovable, trusting, often naive and always favorite of the gods, a true hero. His nobility often seems at odds with his situation; after all, he is a mercenary.  I am glad that the author painted him not like the customary Hercules, blood thirsty and full of hubris, so consciously the son of a god. But Eno does not know he is the son of a god, and that leads to another endearing trait- he is not extremely bright. He doesn’t see betrayal coming from friends, and he hopes to marry a girl he barely glimpsed in the marketplace. But that makes Eno so human and attractive that I am left to wonder that if anyone like him walks the earth, where can I find him?

I also loved the Greek gods in this novel. Historically, they are always depicted as uncaring, vain, cruel entities that have very little humanity in them. The gods that C.B. Pratt has created are flawed, but no more than the usual human. They are involved in the affairs of men because they care. Aphrodite goes to great lengths to help Eno, and the other gods also listen and respond to the prayers of mankind. Even Hephaestus comes through as a caring, kind god.  And even the gods will not harm their own father!

I highly recommend this novel.   

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