It Lives in the Basement by Sahara Foley


If any story deserves to be made into a horror movie, this is it! I had to read it in one sitting since I was unable to let it go. It was suspenseful and terrifying from the start. It reminded me of the stories that Kolchak used to chase around in the old show, The Night Stalker. I used to love that show.

The tale starts as police Lieutenant Flynn investigates the disappearance overnight of a couple and their three cats. Everything in the house indicates that the couple never left, but they can’t be found.

The investigator also disappears into thin air, and the mystery remains unsolved until a few years later, a young Mexican is found gruesomely murdered in the same house. At that point, the investigation takes a really twisted turn.

This story has all the elements that keep the reader hooked. It has a great story, suspense, gritty characters, and a powerful twist at the end. It moves fast and never lets up. I was tempted to mark it down one star because of the major need for good editing, but since then, the author has taken care of that.

The story now has a new cover since the old cover seemed more fit for a children’s or a YA read. It is absolutely not that. In fact, I think it would be unsuitable for younger audiences.

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