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Buy the Cow!

Only a fool buys what he can get for nothing. Remember the old adage: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? It still stands!

Recently, I tried to promote a short story that I offered as a free download. I found that most promo sites do not accept promos for short stories. In fact, most of the guidelines specify that books must be over 100 pages.

I messaged the admin of a well-known promo site. I asked if it was possible that they could offer a limited service for short stories. I believe there is a market for them, and many authors who hate to give away months of hard work, offer shorts instead.

I received a prompt answer from the site’s owner. He informed me that most readers did not read short stories. He knows that because he has been in the business for six years. He said that his customers expected free books, and that most authors had at least one free offering of a full-length novel.

Now, I had just read an article that stated that short reads are very popular right n…

A Must See!


Five Foods You Should Never Eat .....

Five foods You Should Never Eat...On a Date!
I just read a post on Facebook that really made me laugh. It went something like this: I never wish death for someone I hate. Instead I wish for them to get explosive diarrhea next time they go on a date. Now, that is hell!
A few months ago, another young lady posted about a personal experience. She was having such a good time on her first date with a young man, that she ate to her heart’s content. Everything. The result was a cauldron of churning gases and pressure that threatened to undo her.
Terrified, she asked to be driven home immediately, hoping to reach her own bathroom. Not only did she not make it, but the telling of how she fought a war with the car’s electric window mechanism trying to let the stench of her flatulence out of the car was hilarious. Of course, had it happened to me, it would be far from funny.
After I stopped laughing, I got to thinking about the ads we see all over the internet about the six foods you should never e…

Erotica, Anyone?

Sometimes, the lessons learned are not the ones the teacher intended.

I have been deeply concerned from the start, with the quality of my writing. The time I spend editing, running spelling checks, checking grammar, getting beta readers to find plot holes, errors in tense, etc, etc, is probably four times the amount spent writing.
I want to sell my books, of course, but I also want to be respected and admired as an author. I love it when a reviewer calls my prose “exquisite,” as some have done. I get a thrill when readers say that my characters are complex and developed. I get heart palpitations when someone tells me that they wish our world was like Daniel’s Fork. Still, not every reviewer and reader hones in on the things that I consider the “elements” of a good book.
I have a habit that has turned out to be a double-edged blade: my insistence that everything I do, I do to the best of my ability. I firmly hold to my opinion that while I write “fiction,” and that entails a certain degr…