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You Have Options!

Do you really need a specific eBook reader? The most inexpensive eBook reader will still cost you around $80.00, and it will not have all the bells and whistles. Within a year, there will be a newer model out.   It will be limited by the format it uses. You will be bound to buying from the source store, be it Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc. If you are a collector of electronic toys, you will find yourself juggling your personal cell phone, work phone (many agency workers are issued work phones), your eBook reader, and your tablet as well as all the assorted accessories that go with those. Sales of eBook readers have declined in the last year. Traditional publishers have rushed to claim the death of the eBook and the resurgence of the printed book. The truth is far different. Readers are reading eBooks more and more on other devices! My daughter tells me that her Nook lies somewhere in the house, forgotten. She now reads mostly on her iPhone. It’

I Vant Your Blood!

You can bleed for the American Red Cross. Some of us can't donate for whatever reason, but we can help in other ways. We can read. That's right. If you can't bleed, you can read! During the month-long October event to benefit the American Red Cross and the Canadian blood Services, you can buy any of the dozens of Vampire-themed books offered. Every author featured has pledge a donation from the book sales to either the Red Cross or the Canadian blood Services or both. My Angel's Guardian is featured. I will donate 15% of all October sales of the book to the American Red Cross.   Buy Here   Please, join us. If you can't bleed, just read! Visit the VampBooks4Blood site any time during the month of October and make a difference.   Visit Vamp Books 4 Blood