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Cup of Coffee, Please?

There is an old saying that says: the more things change, the more they stay the same. I am a lover of old wisdom, but I disagree with that one. Lately, the more things change, the more they change. Little things we take for granted become hurdles to be conquered. Take the simple pleasure of coffee, for one.

I love to start my morning with a cup or two. I get up, make myself presentable, make my bed, and turn on my Keurig for a delicious cup of plain, Green Mountain coffee. Keurig has become so popular that even the old, favorite Bustelo brand my mother brewed throughout my childhood years, is now offered in little Keurig tubs.

I consider myself quite progressive in my use of my Keurig. My mother used to make coffee using the old-fashioned, low-tech “colador” or strainer that was made of cloth. She’d boil a few spoonfuls of coffee grounds in a small pot of water, and she'd strain it in a cloth colander. The result was the most delicious, simple, black coffee you will ever taste.

Of c…