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Don't Let Negativity Ruin Your Morning

It is a beautiful day in sunny San Sebastian. A cool breeze ruffles my hair as I sit on my rocker sipping my first cup of coffee and gazing at the lovely patterns that dot the countryside. Perfectly shaved squares of terracota-colored clay soil dot the land, ready for the plantain seedlings that will soon be planted. The "meaito" trees with their bright red  blooms seem to have taken over the landscape ; they creat e the most beautiful play of read on green as they sway in the morning breeze as far as the eye can see over the hills and mountains. Today, I will open only one set of French doors because if I open all three, birds will flock in one door and fly in circles inside my living room, wildly twittering and looking for the other doors out. I have work to do, and I can't sit here admiring nature all day. I pour myself a second cup of coffee, and I head for my computer. My first stop is my email, where I answer a message from my newly hired personal assistants.