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The Power of the Senses

This morning, as I hovered over my kitchen counter getting my morning cup of coffee together, my eye fell on a can of tomato sauce I failed to put in the pantry the day before. I picked it up, looked at it, and unexpectedly, very old memories flooded over me at the sight of the old Del Monte label and pictures of red, perfect tomatoes! Bittersweet memories I had not relieved in years. I was seven years old and a very precocious child. Tina, teenage daughter to our close neighbors, stood at the door.      “My mother sent me to borrow a cup of sugar, please. Company showed up suddenly and we’re short of sugar for the coffee.” She even brought the cup to be filled.     “No problem,” said my mother, smiling sweetly. Neighbors help each other.” She went to the kitchen and came back with the cupful of sugar. After Tina left, my mother remarked with a sigh, “That was very thoughtful of her, to bring her own cup.” The following day, Tina once again stood at our door.