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Five Foods You Should Never Eat .....

Five foods You Should Never Eat...On a Date! I just read a post on Facebook that really made me laugh. It went something like this: I never wish death for someone I hate. Instead I wish for them to get explosive diarrhea next time they go on a date. Now, that is hell! A few months ago, another young lady posted about a personal experience. She was having such a good time on her first date with a young man, that she ate to her heart’s content. Everything. The result was a cauldron of churning gases and pressure that threatened to undo her. Terrified, she asked to be driven home immediately, hoping to reach her own bathroom. Not only did she not make it, but the telling of how she fought a war with the car’s electric window mechanism trying to let the stench of her flatulence out of the car was hilarious. Of course, had it happened to me, it would be far from funny.   After I stopped laughing, I got to thinking about the ad s we see all over the internet about the s