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I'm Back!!!

You may have noticed that I've been missing for close to three months. Not the file-a-police-report kind of missing, but the kind of missing where you don't post in your blog, update your homepage, log into Facebook, or send a single Tweet. I took a social networks break. I pretty much stayed on my own desert island, totally disconnected from the online world.

Keep in mind that I also disconnected from my daily dose of news and drama. Friends that I usually interacted with on a daily basis, did not hear from me for two months. My books just sat there not being promoted. My homepage did not get a single update. I ignored my review groups. I stopped tweeting!

Why would any moderately sane human being do this? I can't speak for any moderately sane human being, but I can tell you that I did it because I wanted to retain a modicum of sanity. I can not express how stressful this online world can get. All I can say is that for a while there, I lost all perspective. I found myself t…