Thicker Than Blood: A Tiny Excerpt!

     Beyond the shadows ahead, something moved. Angel stood still, her senses warning her. “Nina, come. Be quiet.” The girl, too smart, her survival instincts sharpened by experiences no six-year-old child should have, immediately went silent and reached for her mother. 
     “What is it?” she whispered. “Are bad guys here?” She clung to her mother’s skirt.
     The young mother felt a sudden pang of guilt. Her beautiful daughter was afraid, and Angel was at fault. She needed to be a stronger mother. She needed to stop jumping at every little noise, every snap of a branch, every scutter of a mouse. She needed to keep her children from the fears that would shackle them with invisible chains for the rest of their lives.
     Just as she was about to reassure Nina, the hairs at the back of her neck prickled. She turned quickly around to face the danger, almost tumbling to the sand.
     “Careful there,” the startlingly handsome stranger warned, reaching out to steady her. “You do not want to drop the babe.” 
     He spoke in the refined, old-fashioned, accented English that she’d first heard from Maxim. All the vamps seemed to speak that way. She’d not heard a contraction in days.    
     Angel held the baby tighter to her breast and instinctively pulled Nina closer to her. She looked up into the man’s smiling face and felt a frisson of unease travel over her body. Her senses screamed, “Danger, danger, danger!” Will Robinson would have been running for his life.
     His smile widened. He knew she was afraid. Her fear pleased him. Having had enough of men who wanted to instill fear in her, she pulled herself up tall and proud, assuming her most haughty demeanor, her “bitch” look.
     “Are you in the habit of waylaying lone women and children in the dark? Surely, a real male doesn’t need such antics to feel like a man.”
     “Forgive me,” he answered, as his gaze roamed over her body. “It is not my intent to cause you fear. I am strolling along the shore, admiring the beauty of the night same as you. Coincidence brought our paths to cross. I assure you, you have no reason to fear me. At least, not tonight.” The word tonight seemed to be an afterthought. “Besides, we both know I am not a man."  

Hello, My Dear Readers!

I am so excited! Thicker than Blood, the sequel to Angel's Guardian, was released today . I am not the writing machine that puts out a book every three months. I like to write and re-write, making sure my work is the best I can put out.

The last few weeks have been full of hard work and stress as I watch my release date get closer and closer, and last-minute editing changes pop up unexpectedly. The result, however, is worth it. Thicker Than blood will not disappoint!  

Full of the action, humor, romance, and eroticism that readers loved in Angel's Guardian, this sequel delivers on its promises. Look for the print version to come out in a few weeks after the release of the kindle version.

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Thicker Than blood is now available for Pre-order at Amazon.  

Book 1, Angel's Guardian, is available on Amazon.


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