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What to Read? Part 4

When trying to choose a variety of genres from the Top 100 Free list, a problem soon emerges: there is little variety. A careful examination of the list shows that the majority of titles are in the romance genre. On the first page (#1-#20) there are 12 romances out of 20 offerings.

As the reader moves up the list, the proportion of romances to other genres increases. On Aug 8th, 2017,  items 41-60 are as follows. Reminder: this list changes as the day wears on. 
41- Lucky in Love- Romance>Sports 42- A Real cowboy Never Says No- Romance>Westerns 43- Accounting for Love- Romance>Westerns 44- The Red Door Inn- Romance>Inspirational 45- Married This Year 2 -Romance>Contemporary 46- The Chocolate Garden- New Adult>College 47- Damnation- Romance>Paranormal 48- Uncommon- Woman’s>Christian 49- Ella Wood- Romance>Historical 50- Tougher Than The Rest- Romance>Western 51- Haunted by Love- Romance Paranormal 52- Hawaiian Hangover- Cozy Mystery 53- The Yakuza Path-Blood Stained Tea…