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Coming soon: Roses & Thorns (Vampires in the Mist- Vol 6)

  Much has happened to Rose since that fateful party at South Beach. She's been seduced by vampires, hunted on a moonlit shore, abducted to a private, hidden island,  chosen as a companion of the blood, and sent as a novice to a convent full of witches.  She was abducted by the legendary witch Ygraine, and almost killed by the mad vampire monk Savilla. In between the hair-raising adventures, she often finds herself in very interesting, romantic situations. After all, she is surrounded by lusty vampires, sexy witches, and  red-hot Scots!   Rose returns to the convent, only to be once again swept away into the most incredible adventure yet, as secrets long kept by her family come back to threaten her life and her sanity. But Rose is not the naive, young girl she once was, and now she has something bigger than herself to fight for. Come, join Rose in her world of  vampires, witches, monsters, magic, and steamy passion. Forget your troubles as she faces and conquers hers. Let the magic

Took or Baggins? Part 4

Chapter 4: A Short Cut to Mushrooms   -In the morning, the friends awaken to find the elves have gone.   -Frodo, Sam, and Pippin leave the main road and cut through the     wilderness  just in time before a Black Rider appears.    -The group ends up in Farmer Maggot’s house. He tells them that a dark     stranger on a black horse is searching for Frodo.    -Farmer Maggot gets them to the ferry crossing in secret. Wonderful Quote: Short cuts make long delays. My thoughts: There is beautiful imagery and great reading for those readers who actually love the process of reading: the enjoyment of mood, atmosphere, subtle creation of suspense, beautiful and poetic wording. Those looking for action-based, fast reading may be bored. Chapter 5: A Conspiracy Unmasked        -A short history of Buckland is given.    -A glimpse of a Black Rider happens as they disembark from the ferry.    -At Crickhollow, Merry and Pippin disclose that they know all about the      Ring.    - It's