My Picks from Today's 100 Top Free in Kindle.

On today's Kindle Top 100 Free books, there are several books PROBABLY worth reading. Emphasis on the word "probably" because I chose by considering the number of ratings, the average rating, the blurb, and the genre. I have not yet read any of these. 

There are many books other than these that are probably great reads but don't have as many ratings. Reviews, in today's reading market, are not easy to get.  As an author, I refuse to beg for reviews or give away free books in exchange for them. Many authors feel as I do. 

I also tend to stay away from the abundant crop of free shifter, billionare, Taming xxx, and end-of-the-world themes. 

#9 This book comes in with 633 reviews and a 4.6 stars average. The setting is Dublin, Ireland, 1925.

#1 in Free List today with  4.4 stars average on 540 reviews. This is the story of a missing child and the investigator trying to find her before it's too late. 

#37  This one comes in with 4.6 stars average on 721 reviews. This is a Time-travel romance set in 14th-century Italy.

#60 This is a fast-paced action thriller with an aver 4.4 out of 456 reviews.

I picked #79 because the blurb sounds fascinating. A 4.3 stars average on 139 reviews. This is a paranormal suspense thriller that takes place in 16th-century Germany.

Mmmm.... A book not fiction with 1,446 reviews? This is a bargain for those struggling with weight problems.

With 1,214 reviews and a 4.4 aver, comes #86. This is a suspense thriller with White House connections!

There are plenty of Free reads today with excellent ratings. As usual, I tried to select a variety of genres, and those I thought would appeal to a wide range of reading interests. 


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