Experience the Passion, the Mystery, the Future Past!

Experience adventure, passion, and mystery in a series unlike any other.

In an earth two-hundred years in the future, life is similar to that of American colonial times. The planet is green again, and most of our technology has been lost. Billions of people were lost to a pandemic eighty years earlier.

But this is not a tale of survival. Mankind is actually flourishing again in the absence of  a poisoned environment. This is a tale of the passions that drive the human heart: love, lust, hate, envy, greed, ambition, need for revenge.  No zombies or Mad-Max warriors here. Lots of romance, mystery, humor, and a measure of eroticism!

Each novel is markedly different from the previous one. Fire Dance is a true romance in the traditional genre. Victor Strongheart, handsome lord (ruler of his territory) travels to meet a  young lady that he has agreed to marry, as required by a territorial treaty. But upon his arrival, events do not go according to his plans.

Hunter's Snare  is a romantic suspense/thriller that takes place ten years after the first novel. Setiyah, the young healer from Fire Dance, is now a respected healer at the village of Daniel's Fork, where she came as a young bride. Life has dealt her an unexpected blow, and she is now a widow. To her chagrin, the new lord replacing her beloved, dead  husband is a "rogue and a whore" in her eyes. But evading him is an impossibility, as soon she is forced to aid him in the hunt for a vicious, relentless killer.

Rogues and Lovers is an erotic romance where the characters of  Hunter's Snare seek resolution to their tangled relationships. Whom will Susanna choose now that she's free? Will Eric succumb to Jonas's seduction? Will Abby finally listen to her heart? How will Lord Evers react when he learns the truth about Setiyah?

This series is not suitable for younger readers. There is content depicting violence that includes sexual violence. There is also sexual content which may be deemed  offensive by some adults.

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