Coming Soon!

Yes! The third book in my most popular series is coming soon. Heart of Stone picks up a year after the battle that saw the deaths of Vadim and Irina. Of course, our antagonist, Toma, comes back meaner, with bigger plans than ever, and a never-ending thirst for revenge. This volume focuses on the side characters who've moved to the front of the story as the saga becomes wider in scope: Jonathan and Bianca, Devian and Ivanna, Luca and his brothers, and of course, Toma.

As usual, there will be lots of drama, action, and a sprinkling of erotic scenes. Anyone who has read any of my books knows that my erotic scenes are always explicit.  There are also some scenes that deal with taboo matters, but the society of vampires is not guided by human morals. Fiction is just that: fiction! If you want clean and soft, my books are not it.

When will Heart of Stone be out? 2018 turned out to be a bad year for me. I was forced to put aside my writing to deal with catastrophic family matters. I have recently picked up my work again. I hope to have the book finished by mid-2019. That's my hope, not my  promise, because one never knows what the future holds. I do think that when it's finally done, you'll love it.


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