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What to Read for Free Today: Jan 18th, 2018

With the exception of the first pick, a mystery, the other books are all different types of romance novels. Sorry, guys! There is plenty to choose from today as the two-dozen or so tawdry titles I recently highlighted miraculously disappeared from the list yesterday. No fault of mine, I assure you. Maybe Amazon finally caught on to the bad grammar. This is impressive; a book with a 4.9 stars average in 65 reviews! I could not pass it. I'm not a lover of the serial killer vs FBI agent genre, but such high scores can't lie. #72 on Amazon's Top 100 Free today. Historical romantic suspense with 558 reviews. Love dark Gothic! #11 on Top 100 Free today. I have been a lover of time-travel romance since my first reading of Outlander. This one has 464 reviews for a 4.4 stars average. I love the title. #19 on Top 100 Free today. For those who love contemporary romance, here is a promising one with 4.5 stars average out of 95 r