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Kindle Unlimited: A Good Deal or Not?

I am almost done with my trial FREE Month membership of Kindle Unlimited. I had been fighting the urge to try it for a long time.   It only amounts to pennies a day, and Amazon claims you can read all you want for free. That is truly not correct . You can read all you want for $9.99 a month. To an avid reader like me, this could turn out to be a great deal. Before trying the service, I took inventory of my reading expenditures. In the last six months, I spent $150.69 in paid books. That averages out to $25.12 a month (the amount does not include taxes). Compare that to $9.99 for KU, and KU seems like a great deal. However, a little analysis is necessary. Of my total expenditure, $131.79 was for books by authors who are not offering their books on KU. Most of those authors are published by traditional publishing houses, but some are self-published authors too. My entire collection of Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody Mysteries is not available on KU. I paid for Game of Thro

Rose is Back!

The 3rd volume of Vampires in the Mist was released today, March 15th. If you have not yet read the first two volumes, Once Chosen and Veil of Mist , now is the time to hurry and pick them up. In A Raven for a Crow , book 3, Rose is in more trouble than ever. Captured by the legendary witch Ygraine and delivered to the mad monk Savilla, our girl finds herself fighting a battle not only for her life, but for the survival of an entire coven of vampires! GET IT NOW Vampires in the Mist is a steamy, scintillating, action-packed, paranormal urban fantasy. Vampires, witches, terror, and passion are all in a day in the life of Rose from Miami. Pick up the series, settle down with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and begin the adventure of your life! PICK UP ALL THREE BOOKS HERE  

Free Book?

Does the offer of a Free Book entice you to join a mailing list? Once you get your book, what is your most likely action? Pertaining to the book. a.      I read the book immediately. b.      I read the book in a few days. c.      I add the book to my immense collection of freebies and may someday read it. Pertaining to the membership. d.      I immediately unsubscribe from the list because I agreed to sign up, not to stay. e.      I wait a reasonable time (a month) before I unsubscribe. f.       I stay with the membership because I’m interested in the author. g.      I stay with the membership hoping for more freebies. Pertaining to emails sent from the author. h.      I delete them. i.        I have them tagged by the junk filter so I never see them. j.        I click on some once in a while. k.      I click on each one to see if there are more freebies. l.        I click on them because I truly want to hear from the author. Most self-publ