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How to Load Non-Amazon Books Into Your Kindle

Recently, I gifted books to those loyal members of my VIP list who had  60% or higher open rate to my emails.  My gifted books are downloaded through Bookfunnel links which allow you to select a preferred format: Epub, Mobi, or PDF by choosing your reading device. Remember that Epub cannot be read on a Kindle. Claiming my gifted book from Bookfunnel is easy, but getting the book into your Kindle device requires a little know-how. There are 3 different methods you can use.     a. You can do it the Bookfunnel way by installing the Bookfunnel App .     b. You can do it the Amazon way by installing the Send to Kindle App .     c. You can do it your way by Emailing the book file to your Kindle. I find that the Send to Kindle   App way is the easiest, but the Bookfunnel App is the nicest because it places your book in the Kindle's library along with all your other books. Bookfunnel will ask you to download the Bookfunnel App to your Kindle. This App is very useful, as most