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True Patriotism in a Time of Death

I just read the story I've linked below. It brought me to tears.  I truly ache, in my heart and soul. I'm ashamed of myself for being the one who sits at home, protecting myself, not doing my part. I am a coward like that. 
Not all of us are born heroes. It's such an abused and overused word, "hero." It's how we praise people for doing what we should be doing. It's how we eschew blame for not doing what we should be doing. 
While the majority of the uninfected people go about defending their ineffectual and self-serving politics, arguing about the  "freedom to not wear a mask," or fighting to deny the sexual rights of a stranger, there are those true patriots who are giving their all to save lives and comfort the dying. 
These are the true patriotic Americans. They  do not need you to call them heroes. They need us to help them in any way we can. They need us to support them, to make them the focus, to listen to their advice. 
The link below will ta…